OpenMOLE : faites tourner votre code indifféremment sur votre ordinateur, un cluster, une grille

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Intervenants :

  • Mathieu Leclaire, Laboratoire Geographie-cités
  • Romain Reuillon

Pré-requis : TODO

Date : Jeudi 5 septembre 14h00-17h30

Salle : PC6

Matériels, logiciels : Installer openjdk 7 (voir :


OpenMOLE is based on a black box approach to embed applications based on different technologies: e.g. java, scala, C, C++, fortran, scilab, octave, netlogo. Once embedded in the platform, OpenMOLE automatically distributes numerous executions of the application on a distributed environment specified by the user, such as a cluster or even on the 100,000+ cores available on the European Grid Infrastructure. The platform deals with software installations, file transfers, job failures, rendering the distributed execution entirely transparent for the user.


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