Title: Make sense of your (BIG) data!

Abstract: Elasticsearch: you know, for search! But you can use it as well to compute information on live data.

During this session, you will discover how elasticsearch actually works behind the scene and why this great open source software is really more than “search”.

We will inject marketing data into elasticsearch and build live a dashboard using Kibana, generic and powerful visualisation tool under Apache2 license.

In minutes, you will know how to build YOUR own dashboard and make sense of YOUR data!


David Pilato is developer and evangelist at elastic and the creator of the Elastic French Speakers User Group. He is a a frequent speaker about all things Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana, including Devoxx FR, UK, BE. In his free time, he enjoys coding and DJs four times per year, just for fun. He lives with his family in Cergy, France.

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